Garden Maintenance

Tudor Garden Maintenance Services – gardeners Hackney, East London & North London

We are a small well established company of gardeners Hackney, East London & North London.

 Our years of experience and qualifications enable us to maintain loved gardens with confidence . . .


Garden Hackney East London


  • Hedging & Topiary
  • Pruning shrubs and small trees
  • Training climbers
  • Planting out borders
  • Containers and hanging baskets
  • Mulching manure and compost
  • Mowing – Weeding – Tidying


Garden clearance and waste removal

Experienced and equipped to deal with neglected gardens and overgrown climbers safely and efficiently . . . 

  • Garden clearance
  • Shrubs & small trees removal
  • Mowing long grass & neglected lawns
  • Removing or cutting back & training overgrown climbers
  • Weeding paving
  • Pressure washing paving, patios and decks


Lawn Renovation – Re-Turfing

The lawn is at the centre of most gardens.

The place where the kids can enjoy a bit of rough and tumble  . . .  somewhere to lounge on warm summer days! . . .   a foil to the bright colours in the border.

Transforming  a rough lawn using good quality hard wearing perennial rye grass turf is a skill.
The secret lies in preparation:  levelling/landscaping (contouring), raking and heeling.

Giving a lawn that is easy to mow and a pleasure to use.

We take the time to get it right.


Garden Waste Removal & Recycling

Pruning branches, trimming hedges, removing shrubs or cutting back overgrowth and climbers leads to large amounts of waste!

Tudor Garden Services’ garden waste is composted at the London Waste Edmonton EcoPark – much of it is then given back to community gardens and allotments.

We separate stone and timber from old fencing and recycle it separately.


Wildlife Gardening & Wildflower Meadow


Wild flower meadow Olympic Park - East London


Tudor Garden Services can assist with:

  • Plant selection for bee and butterfly pollinators;
  • Wildlife sanctuaries, log – stone piles, nest boxes habitat creation;
  • Garden composting arrangements.


CJ Wildlife

CJ Wildlife is an online company. They make a comprehensive range of nest boxes, bat boxes and bee hibernation houses. Some made of a mixture of wood fibre and concrete have a more stable inside temperature.

They have a good range of well sourced bird feed and bird feeders.


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