Fencing Service

Garden Fencing Hackney:

Tudor Garden Services provides a full range garden fencing in Hackney, East London & North London.

  •  from the smallest repair to a complete rebuild
  •  all to the highest standard.

Lap Panel & Close Board Panel fences

The most common garden fencing – giving privacy and security – available in 3ft or 4ft or 5ft or 6ft heights.

Concrete slotted posts combined with concrete gravel boards will last for several decades. Wood posts give a softer feel and should give 15 years or so of service before starting to need replacing or bracing with concrete repair spurs.

Close Board fences

Close board fencing gives a traditional look. They are more suited to sloping gardens than panel fencing.

Paling Fences

Paling fences give a neighbourly cottagey feel. They can be ideal in front gardens. They can be used to contain the dog or the chooks.

Trellis – free standing

Free standing trellis is an ideal support for climbers. Trellis  can provide screening for different garden rooms and perhaps for screening compost heaps and wheeley bins.

Trellis – on walls or fences

Adding trellis to walls or fences can add greater security and provide support for climbing roses, honeysuckle or indeed for all the many garden climbing plants.

Trellis on wall

Trellis increases privacy in the garden while allowing light in and not entirely shutting off views out.

Gates – latched & bolted

Garden gates and side gates with latches and padlockable padbolts are often needed to give security.

Side passages between houses can act as wind tunnels. Provision can be made to prevent gates slamming.

Fence Repair

Over time wooden posts can give way in strong winds. Adding concrete repair spurs on the damaged post can often give many extended years of service.

Garden Timber Structures 

Garden Fencing Hackney, Timber Raised Bed

  • Wooden raised planters
  • Timber edging
  • Pergolas
  • Decks & decking repair
  • Sheds and shed repair

Hard landscaping:

  • Garden wall brickwork repair & repointing
  • Shed bases
  • Paths & smaller Patios
  • Gravel over membrane
    – can have spot planting and stepping stone path
  • Gravel with landscaping grids
    – can be used for front garden car parking